Theme Dates

Video Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt VIDEO

Each team (or person if a long distance relationship) has a video camera and a list of scenarios to get footage of – for example: Interview a complete stranger about something random, find a random stranger and greet them like an old friend, pretend to know them from somewhere, interview a dog, order 20 vente coffees in Spanish (it’s bente vente), ┬átry on clothing for the opposite sex. This can be alot of fun, especially when you watch each other’s videos.


Mystery Date

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thebestdateideas mystery THE MYSTERY DATE

One of the most enlightening dates I have been on is when we played role reversal.

I had to plan the date, drive the car, open the car door, open the door to the restaurant, talk to the waiter, decide what wine to order, order the meal for my honey, (without his input) and make conversation like this was our first date.

Wow! I did not know what it was like to be on the other side of the fence. Then I paid for the meal, opened the car door for my honey, and then drove him home and tried to get a kiss while he played hard to get. He said, “I do not kiss on the first date.”

So, take it as far as you want that keeps it fun and interesting, while respecting each other completely.

Theme Date Ideas

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Set a Theme for your Date…make sure you have a camera!!!

  1. Dress up in old-fashioned clothes and go swing dancing at a local big band dance. If you don’t know how to swing dance, arrange for lessons beforehand.
  2. Have a do-it-yourself party. Let your guests decorate the room with materials you have provided for them. Play the games that are suggested by those at the party. For refreshments, serve banana splits where couples can put their own together.
  3. Invite your date to tour a foreign country. Decorate your home with pictures, displays, trinkets, etc. unique to a specific country. Listen to music from that country’s culture and learn some stories which you can share. And have treats particular to the country you are “visiting”.
  4. Have an “all comedy day”. No bad moods allowed. Tell each other lame jokes or embarrassing or funny childhood memories. Eat funny foods, like cookies that are rainbow colored or foods that are in the shape of a funny face (like sundaes from Friendly’s). Then at night, go to a comedy club.
  5. Have a group of friends make invitations to each ask a guy (or girl) to come to a “Hawaiian event”. Have a big luau with the sand, limbo, and cool slushy type drinks. Afterwards, watch a Hawaiian movie like Lilo & Stitch or Blue Crush.
  6. Make up a treasure hunt that covers a large area. The first couple to complete the course and return with the treasure is the winner. Assign each couple a color. They will take only the clue of their assigned color, leaving the remaining clues. You can change the order of clues for each couple. Have a celebration party at the final destination.
  7. Choose something you both enjoy doing, and work together on that particular project. For instance, you could refinish old furniture, work with leather goods or make pottery.
  8. Rent classics or musicals and invite other couples over to watch and sing with you.
  9. Have a 40’s theme party (or 50’s or 60’s or 70’s). Dress up in clothes of that decade. Prepare authentic refreshments and games. As an ice breaker, tape different names of famous people from the decade on the back of each person. As you meet each person, you give that individual a clue to help him/her figure out the name on his/her back. You could also watch a video for that decade.
  10. Have a country-western party. Rent or borrow a tractor and wagon or a truck with a flat bed, then pile hay on the back. Take a ride through a vacant field, along some rural roads or through a park-singing all the way. A good follow-up to a hayride and songfest would be a lively square dance.
  11. Plan your party around a certain day, month, or year or era. Develop your theme so that games, dancing, and refreshments center around that time.
  12. Have a hot tub party.
  13. Drive around the city and look at unique and beautiful home gardens. Stop at the florist to pick up some supplies (augmenting resources from your home’s garden). Then make a flower bouquet, which your date gets to take home.